Researching AI systems for production

My Realtime-Puppet Setup is Reborn!

New Year, Same BS

Text-to-Video is the new thing with Gen2!

We Were Emergencies ( AI Short Film )

AI Headshots

Live Link Face for Dead Bob - a.k.a. Meta-Bob

Metahuman Face Rig onto Dead Bob

Dead Bob powered by Metahumans!

Metahumans in Control

Playing in Control Rig

An Anxiety Ridden Lumen Experiment

Everyone's Favorite Uncle

Fuzz balls

Playing with Pandemic Upgrades

DIY body tracking

Getting into trouble with my new RTX

Unreal Engine Drives Digital Puppetteering System for The Mill and Monst...

Getting the talent ready

Friday Night Lights

More Daz + Live Link Face

Testing out Epic's Live Link Facial iPhone App

Midnight Drive

Lighting Test - Desert Road

Starting the Road Trip

Infinite Roads

Working on Something - First Look

Isao Takahata vs Pixel Cam = 80s video game

Pixel Cam Sketch

Exploring Pixel Cam.

More Digital Dollhouse

Playing with Digital Minatures

More Fur Tests

Realtime Fur Prototype

Realtime Hair and Fur Tests


Dance Like Nobody is watching

RIP: Adam West

Fun and Teasing

Instagram Teaser

Set Lighting Test

First Vuppet Test - Experienced.

A quick BTS of the Virtual Muppet system performed

The Virtual Muppet Setup Prototype is Working!

Improving the Virtual Muppet Test!

Using the LeapMotion with PTS to drive Unity - First Test

Leap Motion Dexterity Test

First Pull-The-Strings Test!

Driving Blendshapes in Unity with TouchOSC

Kinect V2 working within Unreal 4.5

First tests with Unreal 4.5

Processing with Kinect_v1

Processing in 3D!

Hello World - Processing!

Filmmakers Bucket List

Kinect Selfies