First Pull-The-Strings Test!

Seen here is real-time capture of my arm using the Kinect, remapped/rescaled to work with the temporary IK chain within Unity, on the fly!!

So Grifu has been so kind to release his "Pull-The-Strings" OSC Middleware software in alpha, and I was able to get to play with it.

So I got I/O's "ArmTracker" software, and piped it into "PTS". Then using Grifu's "Stringless" remote control script for Unity, I as able to read in the data and remap it to my own temporary IK chain.

The performance is a bit sluggish, and I'm sure it'll improve over time. That, and the fact we're running off an old mac laptop.

Next step will be to incorporate a real Virtual Muppet Character test, to this proof-of-concept workflow.