My Realtime-Puppet Setup is Reborn!


For the last few years I've been wanting to get into Unreal's Blueprints indepth enough to build my own 'puppet' animation system.  I've always had a team of Technical Artists building the system in the earlier iterations, so I never had to get in and learn the specifics of Blueprint programming myself.

Well, that's changed!  I set out to learn what I needed to build a home setup that'll allow me to take any CG character and control them in realtime as you would a vTuber!   

So here is version 1!  It uses an iPhone to control the facial tracking and animation, and the Leap Motion to control the arms and fingers.  It's pretty basic setup, but for me it's an acomplishment that has taught me the ins and outs of basic Blueprint programming.   Neat!  

So I hope to be creating animated content with this setup in the weeks to come. Stay tuned.