Live Link Face for Dead Bob - a.k.a. Meta-Bob


For the last couple of days I had been attempting to find some clever way of attaching custom/stylized geometry to the Metahuman Face rig.  Unfortunately, all my attempts didn't work.  I can do it exclusively in Maya, but the round trip back into Unreal isn't supported. Until Epic offer us a way to do it more easily, I'm afraid we are limited to taking MH meshes and wrapping them to new base meshes.   This will work for most humanoid faces.  However, very stylized or non-human faces will just be limited.  

So for now, I used the MH rig to build a bunch of blendshapes for Dead Bob, and just wired them up to ARKit + LiveLink so I can perform!

So now my DIY home VIVE motion capture setup will be turned on this summer after my move to a bigger space.  Until then I plan to keep playing with Meta-Bob and see what else I can do!

For now here is a silly ROM I did.  I'll probably clean up some of the UVs around the eyes, and tweak the 'sneer' shapes for the top lips.  For now enjoy...