Using the LeapMotion with PTS to drive Unity - First Test

Today Grifu was kind enough to share his latest build of PTS with me, which incorporates LeapMotion into it!

After talking with him, and our testing with the Kinect, it makes sense that perhaps the LeapMotion offers us a bit better control for a 'Virtual Muppet' setup.   Using this early version, I am able to read in various rotation and position channels directly from the leap itself.  Rescale them, and output them to Unity using 'Remote-Control'.

First tests show that using one channel of rotation or position works great!  However, when they are combined as seen here.. the rotation channel takes a performance hit.   It's exciting to see it working at this stage, as it's a huge step forward for me.   I have XYZ position data in Unity driven by my hand!  The rotation data is being read but seems to be steppy.

Grifu has opened up all the joints of the both the Left and Right hand, offering a range of potential control!  It's super exciting!

Very successful first test!

Edit: Here it is with just the Rotation channel isolated.  Much more responsive!