Saturday, October 18, 2014

First tests with Unreal 4.5


Successfully got this rigged Guy into unreal4. Now to hook him to the #kinect. #realtime #vfx

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Some obvious issues associated with weighting and cleanup, but pretty happy with this first test of #kinect mocap into unreal4. #realtime #vfx

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So In my quest for a real-time digital puppets, I'm always testing out workflows that might be feasable to bring stories to life quickly. Lately, I've been dabbling with Unreal 4.5. Seen here are my first attempts and bringing in a Rigged Character and motion captured by the Kinect v1.

Currently, the motion is pre-captured, and cleaned up, then applied to the rig in Unreal. There are obvious issues with the motion capture data cleanup itself, as well as the shoddy envelope weights. This was done quickly, so I could test out the whole process.

I'll continue to familiarize myself with Unreal and this process to streamline it a bit. Already, I'm looking into just capturing the kinect v2 data straight into Unreal with this guy's work.

Stay tuned.

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